September-October Hot Topix

It’s been said that “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” The Beauty Industry, as much as any other industry, is a place where “innovation” truly lives. Over the past several years, “smoothing” has caused quite a stir in the industry. Formaldehyde is the reason for the stir.
And rightfully so as formaldehyde is a proven carcinogen (causes cancer).

So out of the necessity for “smoothing” in today’s marketplace came new innovation that makes the need for formaldehyde in haircare obsolete. As a matter of fact, this new reducing agent (oxoacetamide carbocysteine and oxoacetamide amino acids) is one of the most impressive innovations I’ve seen in 38 years of manufacturing beauty industry products.

In order to smooth hair, a product must contain a reducing agent or chemistry that works as such. Reducing agents are chemicals or systems that soften or break the disulfide bonds in the hair shaft. Common reducing agents include “thio,” which is in most permanent waves and sodium hydroxide that is in most relaxers. And formaldehyde works as a reducing agent when combined with heat.

One of the qualities that make the new technology so impressive is that it can be used on hair that has been treated with any of the older technologies. That is not the case with the other reducing agents. For example, if one applies sodium hydroxide to hair that has been treated with “thio,” the hair will break off.

By now, you have likely experienced or will soon experience Thermafuse’s new amino express treatment; another example of innovation replacing formaldehyde. And with this new formula, there is no longer a need to use carcinogens in salons. Whether it’s an Express treatment or a full on smoothing treatment, innovation has now eliminated the need for harmful chemistry.

Toni Rae and I grew up in the beauty industry. It’s an industry filled with some of the most creative, talented and fun people on the planet. Our love of the industry only increases our concern for stylists that continue to use products that are harmful to health. Especially now that innovation has replaced the need for carcinogens.
Many years ago as a teenager, I was a compounder for Dad. The compounder is the person that takes the formula from the lab and creates the batch on the production floor. During that time in the 70’s, it was common to use formaldehyde as a preservative in haircare. All brands used it. And I remember that about 1 quart of formaldehyde was necessary to preserve about 1000 gallons of shampoo.

Eventually, the “powers that be” decided that it is not safe to have formaldehyde in hair care and innovation created new safe preservatives. So it’s worth noting that if a quart in 1000 gallons isn’t safe, how could 2 gallons in 100 gallons be safe? That is about the least amount used in most so-called “keratin” smoothers and express treatments.

Thermafuse is very fortunate to own the factory where its products are made. Similar to the way new brands and new products are constantly being introduced to the salon market, chemical vendors are constantly introducing Thermafuse to new technology. This keeps us on the cutting edge of innovation. And it also allows us to make the best formulas in the industry at a price that is reasonable (no middle man).

So let’s make a toast to innovation. And let’s hear it for beautiful hair that is also beautiful for your health.

Our Best,
Van D. Stamey, CEO
Toni Rae Stamey, Owner/Stylist