ForMatte Firm Paste

A creamy lightweight styling paste to create extreme texture and intense hold with a dry super matte finish.

Only approved Salon Professionals and Distributors can order.

Cop an attitude for the moment or start a lifestyle. ForMatte gets a firm grip on your hair. Shape and mold as you wish, staying inside the lines is optional. Max-out on texture with powerful definition and separation or pump up the volume with relentless lift and hold. It remains pliable with re-workable control all day, allowing you to reinvent your look as many times as you’d like.

Apply to slightly damp or dry hair. Begin with a small amount of ForMatte and rub in hands. Work into hair, creating definition, separation and lift. Layer in additional ForMatte for increased texture and hold.

For added volume, apply a small amount to slightly damp roots and blow dry.

  • Teak Wood Extract – Naturally obtained from the sapwood of the Tectona Grandis, its oleoresin content delivers maximum hold and longevity to the overall shape and style.
  • Mahogany Wood Extract – Naturally obtained from the sapwood of the Khaya Senegalensis. Rich in polyphenols, it improves tensile strength while protecting and repairing hair from harmful UV rays and heat styling.
  • Shea Butter – Rich in Vitamin F and essential fatty acids, it naturally softens and moisturizes the hair and scalp with long lasting effects. Contains healing and protective properties that smooth the cuticle to eliminate frizz.

Blackberry Vanilla Musk – Rich summer blackberries blend with green mandarin and apple. Also infused with irresistible violet leaves, jasmine, rose petals, amber musk, and vanilla.

Thermafuse Model Small


Our company has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1973.

When people use any kind of heat styling tool (blow dryers and flat irons for example) their hair needs a unique product to combat the damage caused each time they style. Thermafuse has put together world class formulas designed to do just that. We developed the HeatSmart Complex®, a registered technology that combines a molecule from natural ingredients that are substantive and capable of penetrating deep into the hair shaft, with a molecule that makes heat good for hair. This newly formed molecule, along with 7 other ingredients from nature, are activated with the heat from blow dryers and irons to make hair look and feel its very best.