Eight Elixir® Miracle Fix

A professional formula to treat problem hair, Eight Elixir contains a non-pathogenic bacterial culture that rids the hair of any residue. This leaves the hair in optimum condition, clean and pure and/or ready for chemical processing.

Only approved Salon Professionals and Distributors can order.


Eight Elixir performs the following eight functions: removes topical build-up, water soluble stylers and soap film; provides clarity prior to perming; volumizes fine and thinning hair; eliminates chemical odors; balances and eliminates oily scalp; detoxifies and purifies; serves as a waterless shampoo; and removes organic stains such as wine, blood, grape juice and chocolate.


Apply to hair, leave on as directed, then rinse or towel dry.


There are more than eight amazing uses for Eight Elixir: You’ll create more ways to use this miracle formula every day. Try using it on fabric or carpeting to remove tough stains and odors, or on your pooch for the ultimate grooming.


Water, Sugar, Molasses, Malt from Barley, Freeze Dried Kelp, Yeast — A 100% natural,
non-pathogenic bacterial culture that rapidly digests compounds such as detergents,
greases, proteins, sugars, starches and cellulose.


Kiwi Fantasy

Thermafuse Model Small


Our company has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1973.

When people use any kind of heat styling tool (blow dryers and flat irons for example) their hair needs a unique product to combat the damage caused each time they style. Thermafuse has put together world class formulas designed to do just that. We developed the HeatSmart Complex®, a registered technology that combines a molecule from natural ingredients that are substantive and capable of penetrating deep into the hair shaft, with a molecule that makes heat good for hair. This newly formed molecule, along with 7 other ingredients from nature, are activated with the heat from blow dryers and irons to make hair look and feel its very best.