May-June Science with Style

I recently was forwarded a photograph from a stylist traveling by car through the northeast. He felt the image was so striking he had to stop, pull-over and capture the moment, for sure no one would believe him. It was of a stylist, with a seated client, literally outside the salon’s front door performing some kind of service. Maybe not that extraordinary, except that both stylist and client were wearing masks – the kind you breathe with. Yes, the service was a smoothing treatment.

This got me to thinking – has the formaldehyde scare still not reached a level of urgency to change behavior, or is the information regarding its carcinogenic properties just not reaching stylists? Health complications related to formaldehyde are real! 1% formaldehyde is still formaldehyde. And now, it is becoming harder to detect as products may camouflage its use by substituting one of its many variants in the ingredient deck. Products reach the salon contending formaldehyde-free status.

We are so relieved and proud of our R&D Department to have the scientific and ethical vision to reject formaldehyde as an option for our f4500 Smoothing Category. Instead, amino fusion® Smoothing Treatment relies on amino acid technology, independently tested to be 100% formaldehyde-free, to create smooth hair, control volume and wave.
Amino acids are of a lower molecular weight than keratin. They penetrate deeper into the hair shaft providing numerous benefits beyond just smoothing. Amino acids help re-build the hair and have an affinity for moisture to help hold and balance moisture content. This leaves hair soft and pliable, and easier to style-in a soft wave or curl. Keratin on the other hand may cause hair to become dry and brittle, partly because they can be film- forming, limiting styling versatility.

As stylists we are generally reliant upon manufacturer information when making product choices. While product performance is high on the list of expectations, so should safety for yourself and client. After all, our business is about making people look and feel good.

My Best,
Toni Rae Stamey, Owner/Stylist