Amino Fusion

Purpose: Professional service product that safely controls unwanted volume, frizzy or wavy hair for up to 12 weeks.

Function: Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment is independently lab-tested to be formaldehyde-free, providing a safe working environment in the salon and a pleasant service experience for the client. Penetrating amino acid technology is bio-compatible with hair fiber, producing stronger reformation, volume reduction up to 100% and curl reduction up to 80%. This Keratin-free formula requires no downtime so clients can shampoo, sweat or swim immediately after treatment.

Fine, slightly wavy 100% Straightening
Medium, prominent waves 100% Straightening
Medium-Coarse, slight curl 100% Volume Reduction
70-80% Curl Reduction
Curly 70% Volume Reduction
60-70% Curl Reduction
Dry, very curly 50% Volume Reduction
50-60% Curl Reduction

Fragrance: A light blend of blue agave & citrus with a hint of vanilla.

Key Ingredients: A proprietary blend of amino acids.