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Thermafuse Model

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2018 Marketing/Promotional Items

2018 Jan Feb Promo Guide
2018 March April Promo Guide
2018 May Promo Guide

Material Safety Data Sheets

Classic MSDS
HeatSmart MSDS
f450 MSDS

2015 Consumer Brochure

2015 Salon Manual


Color Care Condition 8oz (PDF)
Color Care Condition Liter (PDF)
Color Care Shampoo 12oz (PDF)
Color Care Shampoo Liter    (PDF)
Moisture Condition 8oz    (PDF)
Moisture Condition Liter    (PDF)
Moisture Shampoo 12oz    (PDF)
Moisture Shampoo Liter    (PDF)
Thermadan Condition 8oz    (PDF)
Thermadan Condition Liter    (PDF)
Thermadan Shampoo 12oz    (PDF)
Thermadan Shampoo Liter    (PDF)
Volume Condition 8oz    (PDF)
Volume Condition Liter    (PDF)
Volume Shampoo 12oz    (PDF)
Volume Shampoo Liter    (PDF)

Boost Spray 8oz    (PDF)
Classic Cleansing Powders    (PDF)
Esculpt Gel 8oz    (PDF)
Fixxe Mousse 8oz    (PDF)
Formatte Paste 1.5oz    (PDF)
Redefiner Curl 8oz    (PDF)
Straight Balm 8oz    (PDF)
Thermacare Leave In 8oz    (PDF)
Tac Taffy 2.5oz     (PDF)
Uphold Aerosol 10oz     (PDF)

Full HeatSmart Serum Line (PDF)

HeatSmart Shampoo 3oz (PNG Image)
HeatSmart Shampoo 10oz (PNG Image)
HeatSmart Shampoo Liter (PNG Image)

HeatSmart Condition 3 oz (PNG Image)
HeatSmart Condition 10oz (PNG Image)
HeatSmart Condition Liter (PNG Image)

Dry Oil Treatment 10oz (PNG Image)
Dry Oil Treatment 3oz (PNG Image)
Reinforce Curl Pomade 2oz    (PDF)
Restore Leave In 3oz
Restore Leave In 10oz    (PDF)
HeatSmart Hair Spray 10oz (PNG Image)


Full f450 Line (Print | Web)
f450 Smooth Balance Shampoo 10oz (PNG Image)
f450 Smooth Balance Shampoo Liter (PNG Image)
f450 Smooth Balance Condition 10oz (PNG Image)
f450 smooth balance Condition Liter (PNG Image)
f450 Clear One Shampoo 10oz (PNG Image)

f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment 3oz (PNG Image)
f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment 10oz (PNG Image)
f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment Kit (PNG Image)
f450 Amino Express Smooth & Lock 8oz (PNG Image)

f450 One Pass 3oz (PNG Image)
f450 One Pass 10oz (PNG Image)
f450 Hot Armor 3oz (PNG Image)
f450 Hot Armor 10oz (PNG Image)
f450 3 in One 10oz    (PDF)


ThermaFuse Logo (JPEG Image)
ThermaFuse Logo (TIFF Image)
ThermaFuse Logo (PNG Image)
ThermaFuse 100% Icon (EPS | PDF | JPG)
f450 Logo (EPS | PDF | JPG)
f450 Logo Icon (EPS | PDF | JPG)