ForMatte Firm Paste

Purpose: A creamy lightweight styling paste to create extreme texture and intense hold with a dry super matte finish.

Function: Cop an attitude for the moment or start a lifestyle. ForMatte gets a firm grip on your hair. Shape and mold as you wish, staying inside the lines is optional. Max-out on texture with powerful definition and separation or pump up the volume with relentless lift and hold. It remains pliable with re-workable control all day, allowing you to reinvent your look as many times as you’d like.

Fragrance: Blackberry Vanilla Musk – Rich summer blackberries blend with green mandarin and apple. Also infused with irresistible violet leaves, jasmine, rose petals, amber musk, and vanilla.

Key Ingredients:
  • Teak Wood Extract – Naturally obtained from the sapwood of the Tectona Grandis, its oleoresin content delivers maximum hold and longevity to the overall shape and style.
  • Mahogany Wood Extract – Naturally obtained from the sapwood of the Khaya Senegalensis. Rich in polyphenols, it improves tensile strength while protecting and repairing hair from harmful UV rays and heat styling.
  • Shea Butter – Rich in Vitamin F and essential fatty acids, it naturally softens and moisturizes the hair and scalp with long lasting effects. Contains healing and protective properties that smooth the cuticle to eliminate frizz.