About Thermafuse

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Our Mission

First and foremost, our mission is to produce the highest quality salon hair care based upon the latest technology available. We are dedicated to the professional beauty industry. We strive to make a positive impact for salons and spas by addressing vital issues such as profitability, safety, exclusivity, education, smart marketing and more.

We pledge to conduct our business in an ethical manner and to contribute responsibly to the industry we love.

Company History

Van Stamey, CEO of Thermafuse – healthier hair with heat – has a lifetime of experience devoted to the beauty industry. Raised in a family of hairstylists, he has parlayed this passion for beauty into programs and products that benefit salons and stylists. And, he does it by understanding the wants and needs of salons and their customers.

Van recognized early on, if people used any kind of heat styling tool (blow dryers and flat irons for example) their hair would need a unique product to combat the damage they were causing each time they styled. In response, Thermafuse has put together world class formulas designed to do just that. He led the effort to develop the HeatSmart Complex®, a registered technology that combines a molecule from natural ingredients that are substantive and capable of penetrating deep into the hair shaft, with a molecule that makes heat good for hair. This newly formed molecule, along with 7 other ingredients from nature, are activated with the heat from blow dryers and irons to make hair look and feel its very best.

Toni Rae Stamey, Vans’ Wife, joined Thermafuse on a full-time basis after a 23 year career in the salon. Her contribution to new product development has been remarkable. Accompany that with her ability to design extraordinary education methodology, and you have a formula for creating salon profitability as well as fostering stylist and client retention. The Thermafuse team is poised to bring positive change to the beauty industry. Thermafuse is a family of brands exclusive to a salon’s business and their clientele.


"I love ThermaFuse! I will never use regular shampoo again!"
Grace Keeley, Salon Owner - Sacramento, CA

"My hairstylist friend turned me on to your products and I love them! I have tried thousands of hair products and ThermaFuse products are the best without a doubt."
Misti Winemiller - Fort Pierce, FL

"I have tried all kinds of hair products and ThermaFuse products are the best I have ever used."
Kathi - Muldraugh, KY

"I'm a 6th generation hairdresser, and work alongside my mom, who has been doing hair for forty plus years. We have been through many brands and fads, and tried in the beginning to be exclusive to one brand of haircare products with few exceptions. My mom works 65 hour weeks behind the chair and sees approx 20 clients a day. NEVER in 40 years has she seen a product like HeatSmart Serum, and the results it has on the hair.  I am blown away. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!! Fried out blondes, thermal damage breakage, whatever it may be, the hair after using Heatsmart Serum with heat, is the most beautiful, shiny, healthy looking, and bodyful hair we have seen.  We will recommend [ThermaFuse] to EVERY client that walks through our doors."
Julie Kelley, AQUA Salon & Spa - Chatsworth, CA

"We have now switched over to using the ThermaFuse Pedicure as our dedicated pedicure line.  It works fabulously on the feet, and is a great way to pull the ThermaFuse Line into other areas of the salon.  We have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients.  Fabulous products at such an economical price!"
Catherine Pawlowski - Mira Hair & Body Studio

"Working in a salon with many different brands you always have your favorite products. But after our sales rep educated us on ThermaFuse and convinced us to try the line, I was hooked. Finally -- a line designed to protect and nourish from heat! To me this was amazing! I have enjoyed using the wide variety of products and selling them to my clients feeling confident that they are getting the best possible solution to there styling needs."
JM - Canada

"Ok so I tried the HeatSmart Serum and my honest opinion is that I loved it!!!! It is so light it didnt weigh my hair down--usually with Moroccan oil after an hour my hair is lifeless, but it looks like I didnt even blow dry it. I think because the oil is very heavy, the Serum smells wonderful and my hair not only dried quickly but my hair looked amazing all day long!!!!! People complimented me! Thank you so much! I love it."

"Having tried one million four hundred thousand shampoos out there I did not have high expectations when I happened on your product.  I wish to write to say "WOW" and more.  I will not buy anything else.  I have truly silver hair so in order for it to look like anything it has to truly be yellow free and truly silver.  Thermafuse did it and I am thrilled.  Thank you so much and had I had a before and after...I could have sold a ton."

"ThermaFuse has made me a believer!  It is unbelievable - everyone thinks I have just walked out of the salon - it's incredible.  The comments are about my hair being so shiny - and controlled.  I am so glad you introduced me to "Thermafuse".  You were 100% correct in saying "your hair will feel like butter" - it really does!  I have already
visited your website to find the salon closest to me."
Nancy Reitz

"I wanted to let you know that my hairdresser tried a new product on my hair and I love it.  It is the Thermafuse Heat Smart Serum Dry Oil Treatment."
Teresa - Tifton, GA

"My salon team and myself have been to many Council Meetings where we are treated like family and learn something new everytime. When I stopped carrying retail (all brands), clients begged for Thermafuse and we listened and brought it back. I do not carry any other retail. The product sells itself—easy to use and satisfaction by client and stylist every time."
Sandy - Wilmington, NC

"Honestly, after using the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, I'm reluctant to try ANYTHING else, even products my hair stylist recommends. Not only is the smell wonderful, it made my hair feel unrealistically soft. I've never been more satisfied with my now silky, soft, manageable, and shiny hair. I owe my life to Thermafuse!"
Sadie - Phoenix, AZ

"Our clients are impressed to see a Sulfate, Salt, Paraben Free product out there for under $20.00.
We love your shampoos!"
Jeff DeShano

"Thermafuse has by far surpassed every other product we have tried in my salon. We live in a very dry climate which adds to the dry flyaway hair, not to mention adding color to dry flyaway hair!! Thermafuse is a great benefit to our clients and climate -- everyone that comes into my salon is extremely happy when the leave, and that is with Thermafuse."
Trish - Lakewood, CO

"ThermaFuse is the most beneficial products I've used on my clients and even myself. I love these products more than any other products I've used in the past five years of my career. The results from the shampoo alone are amazing. I've never been a product pusher but, after using these products just about every client of mine goes home with something."
Amy - Danville, VA

"First of all, I'm writing to tell you I absolutely LOVE your Volume Shampoo and Condition. I have recommended both to many friends. I color my hair and the shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean and shiny – and to top it off, the product makes my hair look younger!"
Kathy - North Borough, MA

"Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been continuously using Thermafuse’s products and have really noticed a difference in how my hair looks and feels. I have found that the shampoo and conditioner restore the moisture that my hair needs. I can’t thank you enough for creating these products!"
Simone - Livermore, CA

"...We recently bought Thermafuse Products and I am writing to let you know, so far the reviews are fantastic! I am excited to have the product line and the clients love the fragrance and how their hair feels. Also very happy with the results of the styling products!"
Keith - Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new ThermaFuse hair products. I love the shampoo and conditioner, and I am having great success with the mousse, the straight gel, the hair spray, the curling gel, etc. I like all the different looks I can create. My hair is healthier and definitely has more body. Thank you, thank you"
Rita - Kent, WA

"Good reason why ThermaFuse is Red Hot – the products are great – you made a dedicated user out of me."
Donna - Manalapan, NJ

"I can't wait to share knowledge obtained from [the October ThermaFuse Council Meeting] and the fantastic response that I am having from using ThermaFuse in my salon!!!! Thanks to the use of Thermafuse I have a larger volume of retail sales then ever before.  Everyday Thermafuse Products are purchased from my salon!"
Becky Spiker - Hair Depot, Inc.

"I am so glad my stylist recommended you, I have been trying to grow my hair long for years. I shampoo, condition and blow dry my hair every day, it is so reassuring that I am doing something good for my hair every day. Its growing out healthy and long."
Beth - Lindenhurst, NY

"Just got home a few hours ago from the show in Hampton, VA... wanted to let all of you know I absolutely enjoyed your show by far the most, and was very impressed due to the fact that (you) owners/inventors of the products were actually attending the show...you know it doesn't get any better than that...you guys are awesome and I can't wait to try the product. I'm sure it is amazing!!!"
Wilma - Harrisonburg, VA

"I absolutely adore your entire line!  I dye my hair with a high lift blonde and blow dry and flat iron it EVERY day.  I use your Moisturizing Conditioner and Shampoo & Color Care Shampoo. My hair has never been healthier!! I cannot tell you how many girlfriends I have introduced your line of hair products to. They absolutely adore them and always tell me how gorgeous my hair is and inquire as to why (with all I do to it) it is not damaged. My answer? Thermafuse. Keep up the good work!"
Cara - San Luis Obispo, CA

"I have short, very straight, very fine hair that I TRY to curl with a hot curling brush. I can't begin to tell you how many products I have used to give my hair body, thickness, curl, control, etc. with very little luck. I am in heaven. Your Thermafuse Fixxe gives my hair so much body and I can actually curl it. It is the best. And to get great results I need very little of the fixxe compared to other products. Please never, never stop selling this product. Thank you for Thermafuse."
Joan - Bethel Park, PA